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National Sun Yat-sen University Office of Academic Affairs

Introduction to the Office of Academic Affairs
The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for services in the areas including, but not limited in, student admissions, registration, course enrollment, management of student academic records, management of curriculum, enhancing teaching capability, fostering student learning, and management of faculty evaluations, etc, providing information and resources for current students, prospective students, faculty and staff, and alumni.
The Office of Academic Affairs is organized into the following divisions and centers: Admission Division, Registration Division, Curriculum Division, Teaching and Learning Development Center, and KTP(Kaohsiung-Taitung-Pingtung) Regional Resource Center for Teaching and Learning.
The operation of the Office of Academic Affairs is highly related to faculty and students, coping with the educational trends to promote quality teaching that will benefit students as well as faculty. The administrative faculty and staff are committed to ensuring the integrity and accuracy of their services and are striving to continuous improvement toward the university educational philosophy of "contribution to society through cultivating leaders across all fields".